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BOSTON (WPRI) — There are two new furry faces at the Franklin Park Zoo.

The zoo recently welcomed two western gray kangaroos — a male named Auggie and a female named Opal.

The kangaroos are a year old and share the Outback Trail exhibit with the zoo’s red kangaroos, emus and red-necked wallabies.

Franklin Park Zoo has been home to red kangaroos since 1998, but this is the first time gray kangaroos will live alongside them.

“It’s always a thrill when our zoos welcome new animal residents,” Zoo New England President John Linehan said. “It’s especially exciting when it’s one we haven’t had before, such as gray kangaroos, which enables us to further connect guests to the incredible biodiversity found on our planet.”

The red-necked wallabies are relatively new as well, according to the zoo. The species first arrived at the zoo back in April.

The zoo said guests can distinguish the red and gray kangaroos by looking closely at their faces. Red kangaroos have distinctive markings on their muzzles and sides of their face, and the gray kangaroos have larger eyes.

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