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FALL RIVER, Mass. (WPRI) — A former Providence school administrator once again sat in front of a jury on Wednesday. Olayinka Alege is facing a simple battery charge for allegedly rubbing a teenage boy’s foot without consent.

This is the second time the 41-year-old has been tried for the 2021 incident. Alege was found guilty of simple assault in district court last year, but later won his appeal. This week’s trial started on Tuesday in Superior Court.

The teenage boy was 15 years old at the time of the incident. He told police Alege approached him at a Warwick gym and asked about his shoes. Alege then allegedly took off the boy’s sock and shoe without asking and began forcibly massaging the boy’s bare foot.

The interaction was caught on the gym’s cameras.

John MacDonald, Alege’s defense attorney, argued in court Wednesday that the teen never protested to the contact: “Was it criminal? Was his intent at that time to cause an offensive contact? Or was it his intent at that time to simply to do what was engaged in the conversation?”

Meanwhile, prosecutor John Malloy argued Alege had ulterior motives for asking about the boy’s shoes: “That was his plan. That’s what he did. It was offensive, it was unconsensual. He’s guilty of simple battery.”

The teen has been called to the stand to testify. He is now 17 years old.

Alege has a history of foot-touching accusations. According to news outlets in Florida, multiple students accused Alege of rubbing their feet in Tampa back in 2009. No charges were ever filed in those cases.

Alege resigned from his job as a network superintendent following his arrest in 2021. Superintendent Harrison Peters was also terminated after he admitted to state lawmakers that he knew about similar allegations when hiring Alege but didn’t tell state officials.

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