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PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — Booking a vacation for the entire family can be expensive, and when it comes to planning a trip that’s cost-effective, Hopper’s Lindsay Schwimer said it’s important to do your research.

With the average price for a round-trip flight expected to peak at $350 per person this summer, Schwimer suggested monitoring ticket prices leading up to the trip.

Schwimer also recommended looking at flights and hotels separately, since all-inclusive bundles aren’t always the best deal.

“Explore the different options that are available,” she said.

The top travel destination in the country this summer is Las Vegas, according to Schwimer, though numerous people are choosing to go abroad as well.

“For summer we recommend taking the first flight of the day,” she said. “That avoids any delays or cancelations.”

But no matter where you’re planning to go this summer, Schwimer said travelers should expect a busy summer.

“There will be a really high volume of travelers this summer,” she said. “So, prepare for crowds and high volumes at the airport.”

Schwimer also suggested investing in travel insurance since it covers damaged luggage and trip cancelations, among other inconveniences.

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