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(WPRI) — The Rhode Island team sailing in The Ocean Race says they are shaken up after a collision in the North Atlantic.

While racing in Leg 5, the 11th Hour Racing Team says their boat hit what they believe was a whale Thursday afternoon, approximately 750 nautical miles off the coast of Newfoundland.

According to the team, the impact was sudden and the crew onboard were thrown forward.

Trimmer Charlie Dalin has a suspected concussion and Media member Amory Ross injured his shoulder, according to the team.

The team’s doctor prescribed them painkillers and told them to get plenty or rest and stay hydrated.

“The crew are all very shaken by the incident and will follow best practices, reporting the suspected strike to the International Whaling Commission,” a post on their website read.

Skipper and Bristol native Charlie Enright as well as two others were not hurt.

After the collision, the crew assessed the boat and determined there was no damage.

The race had just left Newport last weekend.

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