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PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — Dozens gathered at Remembrance Garden Park in Providence Friday to honor the fallen Marines more commonly known as the Rhode Island IX.

The Rhode Island IX were killed in a bombing attack in Beirut, Lebanon, while on a peace-keeping mission back in 1983.

U.S Marine Corps veteran Michael Harris survived that bombing and attended Friday’s ceremony.

“Beirut veterans have a motto,” Harris said. “It is, ‘The first duty is to remember.’”

Harris thanked everyone who attended the ceremony for helping to ensure that the Rhode Island IX “…won’t be forgotten.”

The Providence Public School District and A-Venture Academy organized the ceremony to commemorate their ultimate sacrifice.

The Rhode Island IX memorial was erected at Remembrance Park last year. The memorial was vandalized last year, prompting A-Venture students to raise money to repair the monument.

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