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FREETOWN, Mass. (WPRI) — Officers have arrested a Freetown man accused of throwing construction screws onto a busy roadway several times over the past few weeks.

The screws, which were repeatedly found scattered along South Main Street, caused numerous flat tires.

The Freetown Highway Department has “spent a great deal of time” picking up the screws, according to police.

Charles Macomber collects screws from South Main Street with a rolling magnet.

Charles Macomber, a surveyor with the Freetown Highway Department, tells 12 News workers have collected at least 100 screws from the roadway each day for the past several weeks.

“The last three weeks, seven days a week, we have been plagued with screws,” Macomber said. “I’ve got a five-gallon bucket at the shop that is probably half full.”

Peter Vasconcellos, 56, was taken into custody Tuesday after officers found a box of screws in his vehicle. Police said the screws in Vasconcellos’ car were identical to the ones found along South Main Street.

Vasconcellos, who police said lives on South Main Street near where the screws were discovered, has been charged with operating a vehicle with a revoked license, operating a vehicle with a revoked registration and uninsured operation of a vehicle.

The incident remains under investigation, and anyone who experienced a flat tire while driving down South Main Street is urged to call (508) 763-4017.

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