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SEEKONK, Mass. (WPRI) — Unseasonably cold temperatures in May have local farmers scrambling to protect their crops.

The sudden drop in temperatures may be discouraging for most, but for local farmers, it could be devastating.

At Four Town Farm in Seekonk, owner Chris Clegg said he has been up all night.

“The alarms went off at 12:30 a.m., meaning the temperature was cold enough to get the irrigation going on the different crops, strawberries, asparagus, corn and blueberries, anything that was in flower really needed to be protected with a blanket of water last night, or some other literal blankets for a covered crop,” he explained.

The sprinklers keep the crops covered in a layer of ice at all times, preventing the sudden loss of heat.

“We will keep that water on before it gets to 32 degrees and we have to keep it on later in the morning until it gets warm enough where that ice will melt on its own,” Clegg said.

The cold piles on to the already tough season for farmers in Southern New England.

A warm January followed by a deep freeze in February killed all of the peaches, and now this late spring cold snap is putting other summer fruits and vegetables in jeopardy.

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