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CRANSTON, R.I. (WPRI) — Newly released bodycam footage shows the moments Cranston City Councilman Matthew Reilly was found unconscious in his car after allegedly smoking crack cocaine.

Reilly, 41, was arrested Monday morning after an officer discovered him passed out in the driver’s seat of his car with a glass pipe and lighter in his hand.

The bodycam footage shows a responding officer shaking Reilly, a Republican for Ward 6, awake before searching him and his car.

“You were literally choking in your sleep,” the officer said. “Somebody literally sprinted and flagged me down because they thought you were choking.”

Though appearing disoriented, Reilly was polite and cooperative as he was being questioned. He at first denied having any drugs in his vehicle, but later admitted to buying $100 worth of crack cocaine the day prior.

(Courtesy: Cranston Police Department)

“It was a relapse,” Reilly told the officer. “I’ve been clean for 13 years.”

“I just got back into this,” he added.

The officer ended up finding a “white, rock-like substance” in the center console of Reilly’s car, which later tested positive for crack cocaine and fentanyl.

The bodycam footage shows Reilly being evaluated by first responders before being handcuffed and placed into the back of a police cruiser.

Reilly has been charged with possession of crack cocaine.

Cranston Mayor Ken Hopkins announced Tuesday that Reilly resigned as chairman of the Cranston Republican Party “…to focus on personal and health matters.”

“I hope he is able to find a path to recovery and the help that he needs,” Hopkins said.

Hopkins said he has been unable to reach Reilly since his arrest, but confirmed he is currently receiving treatment. The mayor is also urging him to resign from the Cranston City Council immediately.

“I feel that is in the best interest of the city,” Hopkins said. “I also feel it is in his best interest.”

Reilly has not resigned from the Cranston City Council as of Wednesday afternoon.

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