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SEEKONK, Mass. — Come July, Stop & Shop will no longer provide shoppers with single-use plastic bags to carry their groceries.

Instead, shoppers will need to either bring their own reusable bags, or buy paper bags in-store.

In a statement, Stop & Shop said the goal is to reduce waste by encouraging shoppers to switch to reusable bags.

The change in bag policy isn’t sitting well with some shoppers.

Doreen Webb had to leave the store and run back to her car to grab the reusable bags that she forgot to bring inside.

“Now that they charge you — it’s really aggravating,” Webb said.

Shoppers who don’t bring reusable bags with them to the store must pay 10 cents for a paper bag.

Oscar Belmont forgot his reusable bags at home and had no choice but to buy paper bags to carry his groceries.

“I usually have a bunch of my own bags,” Belmont explained, adding that he was running a quick errand on his way home from work. “I wasn’t able to grab them.”

Belmont said that, while 10 cents isn’t expensive, shoppers are already struggling with rising food costs.

“Prices in the grocery store have significantly increased,” he said.

Webb tells 12 News that she has started shopping elsewhere, and Belmont is considering doing the same.

Stop & Shop is planning on phasing out single-use plastic bags in all of its stores this summer.

In Rhode Island, Gov. Dan McKee signed a law last year banning single-use plastic bags statewide.

The ban officially takes effect Jan. 1, 2024, or within one year of the establishment of regulations by the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management, whichever comes first.

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