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BOSTON (WPRI) — Nearly 50 guinea pigs will soon be in search of their forever homes.

The Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (MSPCA) recently took in 45 guinea pigs from a home in Suffolk County.

“The owners thought they had guinea pigs of one sex, but it turned out they had mixed genders and became overwhelmed when baby guinea pigs came along,” said Bryn Rogers, MSPCA-Angell’s assistant director of adoption centers and program.

The nearly four-dozen guinea pigs have put the MSPCA’s shelters at capacity for small animals.

“Some of the surrendered guinea pigs are also pregnant, so we really need to find homes for the guinea pigs currently in our care to ensure we’ve got space for the new arrivals,” Rogers added.

The MSPCA will be hosting its first-ever four-day adoptathon for guinea pigs this weekend, during which all fees will be waived.

“Guinea pigs tend to remain in shelters much longer than cats and dogs,” Rogers said. “They’re usually in our care for about a month, compared to less than two weeks for cats.”

“Given that, and the sheer number of guinea pigs we need to rehome, we decided to extend the adoptathon for the first time to include a couple extra days in addition to the weekend,” she added. “We hope this will help us get these guys homes, so we’ll still have the ability to take in surrenders as needed.”

The adoptathon will take place May 11-14. The MSPCA said all of its shelters, as well as the Northeast Animal Shelter are participating.

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