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PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — The Roger Williams Park Zoo is celebrating the recent birth of endangered golden lion tamarin twins.

The twins, named Hildreth and Colin, were born on April 26 to mom Raff and dad Kyle.

Golden lion tamarins are squirrel-sized monkeys with a golden ruff that resembles a lion’s mane. The twins will cling to their mother for a month or so and nurse before experiencing independence.

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“Golden lion tamarins are a critically endangered species, so every birth of a healthy baby is incredibly significant and a conservation win,” the zoo said.

The golden lion tamarins free range throughout the zoo’s Faces of the Rainforest building. The zoo said both the twins and their mother are on exhibit with the other golden lion tamarins.

This isn’t the first golden lion tamarin to be born at the zoo. With the twins, Raff and Kyle now have five children. Raff gave birth to Archie last summer and is also the mother of Angus and Boudica.

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