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BOSTON (WPRI) — Nine specialty breed dogs recently rescued from a breeder in Texas will soon be in search of their forever homes.

The Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (MSPCA) said the Bichon Frisés are on their way to the Bay State. The hypoallergenic purebreds were among 100 dogs and cats found living in deplorable conditions at a breeding facility.

The MSPCA is also receiving a 1-year-old American Pit Bull Terrier from the same breeder.

“Dogs in commercial breeding facilities are often bred under terrible conditions,” MSPCA’s Kara Holmquist said. “The dogs are crowded into small spaces, they aren’t socialized. They’re inbred and overbred, which can lead to health and genetic disorders. Puppies are taken from their mothers too young, so they have behavioral issues.”

“If pet shops are no longer allowed to sell dogs and cats, fewer will suffer in these kinds of facilities,” she added.

Bichon Frisés normally aren’t found in shelters since the breed is costly, according to the MSPCA. While the MSPCA has taken in thousands of animals over the years, this is their largest-ever transport of Bichon Frisés.

The MSPCA said the dogs that are on their way to Massachusetts range in age from 5 months to 8 years.

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The MSPCA is taking the dogs from the shelter in Texas, where the dogs and cats were brought after being removed from the breeding facility.

“The [Texas] shelter was near capacity for dogs, even before this surrender,” said Mike Keily, MSPCA-Angell’s director of adoption centers and programs. “Our goal is always to help shelters through relocation whenever they’re overwhelmed by the number of animals they’re taking in from cruelty cases.”

“Now, [the shelter] is in a much better place, and we’ll be able to match these dogs with eager potential adopters here [in Massachusetts and New England],” he continued.

The dogs will be put up for adoption following a mandatory 48-hour quarantine. In the meantime, the MSPCA is asking for donations to help them care for the dogs, since it will cost an estimated $5,000 to do so.

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