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WESTPORT, Mass. (WPRI) — Easter is this weekend, and local businesses have been working around the clock to make sure families have what they need.

From sweet bread to floral arrangements, owners told 12 News that business is booming ahead of Sunday.

For the Medeiros family at Village Market in Westport, the only thing sweeter than their bread is how fast it’s flying off the shelves.

“I did sell out of my extra sweet breads in, like, not even an hour this morning,” co-owner Samantha Medeiros said.

Medeiros said while her family doesn’t make the bread in house, she’s telling everyone to get there Saturday before they open.

With the help of Lou’s Bakery in Fall River, they’re helping to bring a Portuguese tradition to families’ tables.

“During Easter time, you see sweet bread with boiled eggs in the middle of it,” co-owner Helena Medeiros added. “The eggs represent new life and springtime.”

Helena is one of three generations of women working at the market. She said Easter is all about family and that for many, it’s a sign that spring has sprung.

“It’s another way to celebrate family and togetherness, and to have these items that are very representative of Easter … it’s a burst of springtime,” she said. “We finally get to open the doors here which means its officially spring.”

Meanwhile, for local designers like Kathy Luther, it’s time to get right to work on trimming, watering, and arranging the perfect centerpiece or gift for the holiday.

“It’s actually been two weeks for prepping up, but I think this is one of the busiest Easters we’ve had since COVID,” Luther said. “I can’t wait. We have a lot of things made up. We’ll be ready for the influx tomorrow.”

Local businesses say if you’re a last-minute shopper, don’t worry, they’ll be ready – but try your best to get it done early Saturday morning, as many places will be closed on Sunday.

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