Nexstar Media Group announced the 2023 Remarkable Woman of the Year at a fancy awards ceremony at the Loews Hollywood Hotel. Each year, Nexstar celebrates International Women’s Month by recognizing “Remarkable Women” from across the country, with one being named “Nexstar Woman of the Year.” Over 100 remarkable women from various communities attended the event and were celebrated for their work, from helping the homeless to assisting domestic violence victims. Mona Highline from Grand Junction, Colorado, won the award for her work in creating the Joseph Center, which provides support to the homeless, particularly children. The attendees enjoyed the various festivities, such as a Purple Carpet walk and a poolside dance party. Highline received $10,000 to donate to her chosen charity. All 200 Nexstar TV stations accepted nominations, with Nexstar receiving over 10,000 this year. The attendees returned to their communities with lasting memories of the event and a renewed sense of purpose. KTLA acknowledges the contribution of these extraordinary women who are leaving a lasting impact on their communities.

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