Three restaurants in Pawtuxet Village may see a significant reduction in outdoor dining due to a disagreement with the landlord of their building. Revolution American Bistro, Fellini Pizzeria, and Bagel Express and Deli have been using an adjacent parking lot for outdoor dining since the pandemic through the governor’s “Take it Outside” initiative. The restaurants were planning to make the parking lot a permanent location for outdoor dining, so the landlord’s recent decision to revoke access came as a surprise. The move may impact the livelihoods of employees, as the affected restaurants rely on outdoor dining for revenue. An attorney for the landlord stated that upgrades necessary to make the parking lot a permanent dining location would cost thousands of dollars, and that the lot will revert to parking spaces to accommodate their four additional units. Despite the potential loss of parking spaces, the outdoor dining will still be available to the restaurants’ diners as it was during COVID and prior to the parking lot being used for outside dining.

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