The launch of a new Spanish-language website in Rhode Island has been six months in the making, created by Latino activist and radio show host Dr. Pablo Rodriguez. The site, named “Nuestra Salud” (Our Health), provides medical resources in Spanish, including a directory of clinical trials in Rhode Island, a list of Spanish-speaking medical providers, translated medical studies and a medical encyclopedia. The website launch was attended by community leaders, including Lt. Gov. Sabina Matos, at the ClĂ­nica Esperanza/Hope Clinic in Providence, with 50% of the website’s proceeds to be donated to the clinic. Dr. Rodriguez was inspired to create Nuestra Salud after the pandemic highlighted the spread of misinformation among the Latino community via social media. The site is intended to be a reliable source of accurate information for the local community, fighting against the trend of receiving misinformation via social media.

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