The general counsel for TikTok and its Chinese parent company ByteDance, Erich Andersen, defended the app’s plan to protect US user data from China during an interview at a cybersecurity conference in California. Andersen stated that ByteDance will continue to develop its new app called Lemon8 and affirmed that the company’s basic approach is to make it physically impossible for any government – including China – to access US user data. ByteDance’s most well-known app, TikTok, remains under scrutiny due to fears that user data could be handed over to the Chinese government or used to spread pro-Beijing propaganda. To address concerns from US officials, TikTok presented a $1.5bn proposal called Project Texas that involves storing all US user data on US-owned and maintained servers, which will be monitored by independent observers. Andersen believes that a ban on TikTok would be “basically giving up,” adding that the company would support broad-based privacy legislation.

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