Rhode Island Attorney General Peter Neronha testified before the House Subcommittee on Public Safety to push for the creation of a statewide cold case unit, which he believes is overdue. Neronha has requested $300,000 from the state to launch the unit, consisting of at least two prosecutors and two investigators. As of now, his office lacks the resources to take on cold cases as his prosecutors handle 300 cases each. Lauren Malloy, founder of Unsolved RI, shared her own experience of pursuing her mother’s murder case that was initially closed due to insufficient resources. She added that the state’s law enforcement officers and investigators need more resources to tackle unsolved cases. The success of the Unidentified Bodies Project launched by the Bristol County District Attorney’s Office last summer is evidence of how technology can help solve the unsolvable and bring closure to families. A statewide cold case unit would provide justice to victims and closure for their families, Neronha said.

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