Bristol County District Attorney Thomas Quinn III reports that Robert Tirado, a New Bedford man who was found guilty of beating another man to death over twenty years ago, is now back in jail for stabbing a woman last year. Tirado pleaded guilty to one count of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon causing serious bodily injury. Prosecutors say that the stabbing happened soon after Tirado was released from prison when he saw the victim and her boyfriend on the sidewalk. After witnessing the boyfriend drop the woman on the pavement, Tirado became enraged, got out of his car, and stabbed the victim seven times in the back. The victim was taken to the hospital with severe injuries, including a collapsed lung. Although she was seriously injured, she did not cooperate with the investigation. Tirado’s girlfriend abandoned her three children to help him evade capture. Tirado was arrested in Rhode Island over a month later. Quinn claims that Tirado is incredibly violent and must be kept off the streets. Tirado previously served 20 years in prison for manslaughter in the 2001 killing of George Carpenter. He and several others kicked, stomped, and beat Carpenter with a tire iron. Tirado was sentenced to serve between four and seven years in prison.

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