The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has recently issued a warning for smart TV owners regarding a scam that involves popular streaming devices like Roku and Amazon Fire TV sticks, as well as streaming services such as Netflix and YouTube TV. According to the BBB, scammers have been targeting smart TV users through pop-ups, preventing them from accessing their streaming service by stating there is a problem with their subscription or device. The pop-up then provides a phone number to call or website to visit to rectify the issue. Scammers posing as customer service representatives then ask for payment of an activation fee or remote control of the smart TV, which enables them to install malware on the device and collect sensitive personal information. To avoid falling for such scams, the BBB advises double-checking any fees before payment, avoiding fake websites by checking URL authenticity, checking the phone number before calling by cross-referencing with the streaming service or TV manufacturer’s website, and not allowing strangers access to control devices. In the event that users fall victim to suspected scams, the BBB recommends reporting using the BBB Scam Tracker.

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