This week, stargazers will have the opportunity to witness a planetary gathering in the sky. The planets Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Uranus, and Mars will align near the moon. The optimal day to witness the event is Tuesday, right after sunset when the planets will be visible on the western horizon, stretching halfway up the night sky. However, Mercury and Jupiter are expected to dip below the horizon about half an hour after sunset. This planetary alignment can be viewed from anywhere on Earth as long as the night skies are clear and there is a view of the west. Binoculars may be needed to spot Mercury and Uranus since they will be dimmer. Uranus, in particular, is not typically visible, so it is a rare opportunity for “planet collectors” to spot its green glow just above Venus. Different groups of planets line up in the sky at various times, and this particular alignment occurs when the planets’ orbits align on one side of the sun from Earth’s viewpoint.

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