Some correctional officers in Rhode Island are raising concerns about erratic temperature changes in state prison facilities. Richard Ferruccio, the president of the R.I. Brotherhood of Correctional Officers, stated that they frequently observe extreme hot or cold temperatures in the facilities. He cited a recent weekend when the union received numerous calls from officers at the Intake Service Center (ISC), complaining of the cold. Several categories of inmates are housed in the ISC, and one was taken to the hospital on March 13 with suspicious of hypothermia and other issues. J.R. Ventura, a spokesperson for the R.I. Department of Corrections, noted that the ISC experienced some temperature fluctuations that week, with maintenance called in to reduce the heat in some parts of the building. Ventura said the department has had a bid out for an award for total HVAC renovation since July 2020 since the current system is outdated and constantly requires repairs and maintenance, and the fluctuating temperatures have been an ongoing concern.

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