Pfizer has issued a recall of over 4 million packages of prescription migraine medication due to non-compliance with Poison Prevention Packaging Act requirements, which means the packaging is not child-resistant. Nurtec ODT 75 mg tablets are affected, sold in packs containing eight doses on a blister card, and distributed across US pharmacies. The recall only involves Nurtec packs with expiration dates through June 2026 and an NDC Number of 72618-3000-2. There have been no reports of injury. Pfizer has advised patients who have been prescribed the recalled medication to keep it out of reach of children and to contact Pfizer for a free child-resistant pouch to store it in. The medication can still be taken as prescribed, and there is no need for patients to return the medication. Pfizer is in the process of creating new child-resistant packaging, and in the meantime, pharmacists will provide Nurtec ODT blister packages in vials with child-resistant lids when filling patient prescriptions.

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