According to new data, deaths of pregnant women in the US decreased in 2022, dropping significantly from the previous year’s six-decade high during the pandemic. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recorded over 1,200 deaths of US women during pregnancy or shortly after childbirth in 2021; however, preliminary data for 2022 shows that 733 maternal deaths occurred, with the final figure expected to be higher. The maternal death rate is set to reach pre-pandemic levels, although it was the highest it had been in decades before the pandemic. COVID-19 poses a significant danger to pregnant women, and it is believed to have been the primary reason for the surge in maternal deaths in 2021. Excessive bleeding, blood vessel blockages, and infections are leading causes of maternal deaths, and pregnant women who contract COVID-19 are almost eight times more likely to die than uninfected women. Despite this, many pregnant women, particularly Black women, continue to be hesitant about receiving the COVID-19 vaccine. Burnout among doctors and nurses also exacerbated risks and led to snap decisions, decreasing the in-person time patients had with providers.

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