A winter storm with heavy snow caused a plane to slide off the runway and led to hundreds of school closings, canceled flights, and power outages in parts of the Northeast on Tuesday. The storm affected New England, upstate New York, northeastern Pennsylvania, and northern New Jersey, with snow totals expected to range from a few inches to a few feet. Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont ordered all executive branch state office buildings closed, stating that some towns would receive significant snowfall while others may receive less or none. Delta Air Lines had to force 61 passengers off the plane after it veered off the runway at a Syracuse, New York airport. More than 400 flights in or around the US were canceled on Tuesday, with Boston and New York City seeing the highest number of cancellations. The National Weather Service warned of possible flooding in coastal areas and wind gusts up to 50 mph across Long Island and lower Connecticut while higher elevations could expect snow. Some communities in New Hampshire postponed voting, while others, like Londonderry, stayed open despite steady snowfall. The storm, which was below average for snowfall in the Northeast this year, is expected to end on Wednesday.

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