The Rhode Island Department of Human Services (DHS) has issued a warning of an increase in EBT card-related scams across the state. According to Kim Merolla Britto, acting director of the DHS, over 300 Rhode Islanders have fallen victim to the scams since October 2022, with scammers stealing an estimated $172,000 in SNAP and RI Works benefits. This has had a significant impact on those who rely on their EBT cards to get by. The DHS believes scammers are gaining access to accounts by “skimming” EBT cards, and through phishing emails and text messages. While DHS has reissued victim’s benefits using grant money, this won’t be available forever, and the department warns of an active investigation into the scheme. EBT cardholders are urged to change their PINs frequently, even if their accounts haven’t been compromised.

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