The Girl Scouts organization is facing inventory and supply chain problems from one of its two primary cookie bakers, according to reports from The Hill. Little Brownie Bakers (LBB), responsible for producing cookies for the Girl Scouts’ annual fundraiser, suffered production problems due to weather-induced power outages at its factory in Louisville, KY, exacerbating previous issues. LBB had also faced mechanical issues with its Samoa cookie production, as per CNBC. The Girl Scouts receive their cookies from both LBB and ABC Bakers, with slight variations in the products. Meanwhile, the newest cookie offering from the organization, Raspberry Rally, quickly sold out, leading to a resale market that angered the Girl Scouts. The organization expressed disappointment at the LBB’s production challenges and said it would explore options to benefit the girls. The Girl Scouts added that sellers disregarded the program’s core mission by making a profit without supporting it.

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