The shortage of pediatricians accepting new patients in Rhode Island has caused concern among parents and doctors, according to 12 News. Rhode Island, like other states, is facing a shortage of pediatricians due to factors such as burnout, an aging workforce, and children requiring more well-visits. Parents are struggling to find pediatricians, even those with newborns, and have to travel long distances for an available pediatrician. Pediatricians are finding they take longer with patients because they often require mental health treatment in addition to physicals. Silversmith at Ocean State Pediatrics said despite having open positions and a need for pediatricians, it’s challenging to draw talent to the area because surrounding states pay more. Pediatricians in Rhode Island are retiring, and there aren’t enough people to fill their positions. The Rhode Island Chapter for the American Academy of Pediatrics found that the shortage of pediatricians could get worse in the next ten years. The Health Department advised parents to try several strategies to locate a pediatrician close to their area.

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