The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals of Connecticut (SPCA) is going to shut down after being in business for 20 years due to financial constraints. The shelter needs to find loving homes for all the animals currently housed there, which includes 18 dogs and 14 cats, before closing on May 6. The property is under foreclosure and will go to auction when the shelter shuts down. To function, the SPCA depends solely on donations, making this closure devastating for the volunteers who run it. Marianne Rogowski, a volunteer, stated that many animals have been at the shelter for most of their lives. The community is rallying behind the shelter, showing “so much love and kindness and support,” according to Linda Lapine, a volunteer.

However, the shelter is concerned that the animals not adopted or placed in another shelter will be at high risk of being euthanized. Therefore, the SPCA is encouraging people to adopt or foster an animal. Those interested in adopting can schedule a meet-and-greet by calling SPCA at (475) 290-8525 or emailing An adoption application can be expedited by filling out an online form.

If you are unable to adopt an animal but would like to help, you can donate through the shelter’s GoFundMe page, which will aid in covering vet expenses and possible rehoming of the animals. The shelter’s open house to visit all the pets will be held Saturday from 12 to 3 p.m. Attendees are encouraged to fill out an adoption application prior to the event.

To see photos of the animals currently up for adoption, visit the SPCA’s Petfinder page.

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