In 1857, Lucinda Tucker vowed to love and care for William Clark Hoxsie until death, and she fulfilled that promise.

Lucinda was born in Charlestown and married William when she was 19 years old. William was the son of Samuel and Melinda Hoxsie, and he worked at various mills before finding his passion in railroading.

William proved his heroism in 1860 when he helped a train that had gone off the rails while an intoxicated engineer was in control, and he continued to work on the railroad thereafter. After a stroke in 1884, his brother took over his job as an engineer, and Lucinda provided constant care for him until his death in 1897.

Lucinda lived alone in Richmond for 17 more years until she passed away due to heart and kidney diseases. She was buried beside William at Wood River Cemetery.

For 27 years, Lucinda honored her marital vows to William, even in sickness, until they were reunited in death.

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