The female eagle, known as “MK,” was rushed to the Cape Wildlife Center in critical condition Monday after she was found in a cemetery in Arlington. She was weak and unable to get significant lift off of the ground after many attempts to fly away. The eagle was severely anemic, lethargic and barley able to stand. It was later discovered that the eagle had been sickened by rat poison, which was likely ingested by a recent meal.

The eagle had been nesting near the cemetery with her mate, named “KZ,” when onlookers noticed she was spending more time on the ground and couldn’t keep her head up. Despite the wildlife center’s efforts to save her, the eagle succumbed to her illness Tuesday night. “After a valiant fight, her system was simply no longer able to keep up,” the wildlife center said.

The wildlife center said the eagle’s death should be a wake up call to those who use rat poison, adding that she shouldn’t die in vain. “It is time to restrict the use of these poisons. Rodent control does not need to come at the expense of our natural heritage and ecosystem.” Legislation is already in the works in the Bay State to ban the use of rat poison statewide.

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