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Rabbit Accessories

In order to ensure the well being of your pet rabbit, it has to receive proper care and attention from its owner. Since rabbits are a smaller type of animal, there are several things it needs to become happy and feel secure. Your pet’s health should always be prioritized since they can easily feel stressed which may cause illnesses. To help your bunny feel right at home, you need to provide it with the essential rabbit accessories it requires. First and most important of all is a rabbit hutch or run. Depending on whether you want to keep your rabbit indoors or outdoors, you can find plenty of habitat options to choose from. Always keep in mind that rabbits need plenty of space to run around, explore and exercise. They need adequate space in order to feel happy and safe. It is the responsibility of a rabbit owner to provide his pet with a good home where it can rest and settle down comfortably. Make sure to purchase hutches which are made with high quality materials to ensure that your pet wouldn’t encounter any accidents.


Rabbits need to have the essential nutrients they need to stay healthy. Apart from fruits and vegetables, they also need a portion of high quality rabbit food daily. There are plenty of brands to choose from so you can pick which flavors your pet enjoys the most. Rabbit food usually comes in cube or nugget form. Additionally, you would also need to give your rabbits some treats from time to time. There is nothing that bunnies enjoy the most than nibbling food so they would be delighted to receive a treat several times a day. However, make sure not to give treats too often as the may contain certain ingredients which may be harmful to your pet in excessive quantities. To keep your rabbit entertained inside its hutch, you have to provide a good assortment of rabbit safe toys. In their natural environment, bunnies love hiding inside wooden cottages where they can feel safe. You can also put a munchable mattress inside its hutch so that it can have a place to rest. Rabbits love to explore so your pet will surely enjoy running through a hay tunnel or a cardboard tube.

Your pet rabbit needs a clean rabbit water bottle which is spill proof in order to ensure that it wouldn’t cause the bedding to get wet. Glass water bottles are much preferable compared to plastic ones. You would also be needing a ceramic bowl where you can put the rabbit food, fruits and vegetables in. To make it more exciting for your pet to eat the veggies, you can also put it inside a vegetable ball holder which can be hanged inside the hutch. It’s a great way to keep the rabbit entertained. Rabbits also need to eat hay on a daily basis. Providing your pet with a wooden hay feeder or a wooden crate box will ensure that it gets the daily dose of hay it needs to consume. Finally, make sure to change the bedding as needed to make sure that your pet will feel comfortable inside its home.

Hummingbird Jewelry Items

Hummingbird jewelry items are some very trendy accessories that are coming in different forms and sizes. They can be necklaces, earrings, bracelets or rings. Their design, as the name suggests, is inspired from the hummingbird, a very gracious bird, and also one of the smallest birds on the planet. The hummingbird jewelry are very beloved in the entire world and this market grew a lot over the last years. Considering this, we decided to make a top of the most successful hummingbird jewelry items, and also to find out why are they so popular among people.

Best Hummingbird Jewelry Items

1) Genuine Paua Shell Earrings: These are some very interesting earrings, sold by Mevoi, and even though they have a more than decent price ($8.75) they are very well made, with a lot of attention to details. They are designed as two green hummingbirds that are about to spread their wings and fly away. The earrings are small but big enough to be observed, and the Paua Shell reflects in colors like red, yellow, purple and many others. According to a lot of customers, the Paua Shell Earrings are extremely elegant and can be worn at any occasion.

2) Hummingbird Swarovski Elements Pendant Necklace has a very minimalist design of a hummingbird in flight and the form of the pendant is not totally flat, so it can catch the light easily. Both chain and pendant have some subtle colors and the Swarovski elements are very glittering. The chain is choker sized and might be a problem for some customers, but a chain extender can be attached to the necklace and this way it can be worn anywhere. The packing box is also very pretty, and for $39 you can have a good to go, packed gift for your loved ones.

3) Filigree Flower Hummingbird Necklace ( ) is a sterling silver jewel and it has an 18 inches chain, which can be adjusted based on preferences. The pendant is made entirely from sterling silver, and the pendant is designed as a heart, with a hummingbird drinking nectar from a flower inside of it. Its look is classy, but not out of fashion, making it a perfect choice for women at all ages. It costs $24.99 but it looks way more expensive than that. The attention for details and the delicate design makes this necklace one of the most appreciate hummingbird jewelry items on the market.

4) Silver spoon Silver Plated Necklace looks like a vintage pendant and symbolizes a flying hummingbird. The piece is made entirely from sterling silver and every part of the jewel is unique. The material is very durable so you don’t have to worry if it takes contact with water because nothing bad will happen. It has a very reasonable price of $59 and the chain options are between 16 and 18 inches, adjustable by preference. The pendant is classy, and can be worn anywhere, being a perfect gift for the people you love, and a true symbol of friendship.

So, as we saw, hummingbird jewelry items are in the same time classy, delicate, elegant and very modern looking so this is why they are so popular. If you want to surprise a girl friend or a family member and show them a symbol of gratitude, a hummingbird jewelry item might be the perfect gift for that.